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Program Administration


CivicStone provides professional administrative services for Cities.  Often CivicStone is a better financial value than administering a program in-house.  CivicStone has extensive experience in program and financial analysis, record keeping, database design, client communication and HUD reporting.

Grant Writing


CivicStone is proficient at compliance, both in administration and fulfilling requirements for grant applications.  CivicStone has written and successfully helped Cities and Non-Profits submit and receive federal and state grants.

Seal Beach Bathroom Accessibility


CivicStone, Inc. reviews all the applications, coordinates rehabilitation, manages accounting and all reporting to the City of Seal Beach, the County of Orange and HUD for the Seal Beach Bathroom Accessibility Program.  This program improves shower and toilet accessibility to residents of Leisure World through a grant from HUD.  The funds are used to cut-down the high tub wall and when resurfacing the unit and providing new glass makes the tub an ADA compliant shower. You can download the needed paperwork here: Program Application, Program Flyer, Doctor's Form, FAQs

Affordable Housing Consulting


Since 1999, CivicStone has been intimately involved in innovative affordable housing programs.  It had administered the ARR Program in multiple sities through both housing crises in the 90's and early 2000.  Currently, CivicStone is helping cities provide affordable housing to their residents through Federal and State programs as well as Community Land Trusts.  CivicStone has also developed comprehensive housing strategies; including the creation of  business plans and initial legal and policy documents for Land Trusts.  

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